Who Are We?

Our Humans

Liora Sophie Halevi

Chief Chutzpanit

Liora Sophie is an Israeli author and the creator of Chutzpah Cards. Born in Western Massachusetts and raised in Israel, Liora is a fierce believer in using your faith as a force of good in the world. She has a B.Sc. in mathematics, plays the cello, and a few other unrelated hobbies such as vegan baking. Coming from a Modern Orthodox background, her struggle with the different interpretations of what makes a ‘Torah lifestyle’ is what prompted the creation of these games. Liora believes that humor does not have to come at the expense of sensitivity. These hysterical and inclusive card games are packed with jokes that are appropriate and politically correct, making the decks a method to assert her theory, as well as a tool for using Judaism as a source of joy.

Email me: liora@chutzpahcards.com

Our Mission

What is the meaning of all this?

To make you laugh on the Jewish holidays.

"All who are _ come and eat!" question card on table surrounded by answer cards: disowning bread, talking about the exodus until it's time for the morning prayer, a random guest sleeping on the couch, moving because of famine, and more.

What We Believe In

A few things we’re machmir about.

All who are funny, come and laugh. You do not have to be Jewish or observant to play our games. Everyone is welcome!
There are children present. The humor in the core games is appropriate for all ages.
Humor does not come at the expense of sensitivity. At Chutzpah Cards we believe that jokes are supposed to be funny. Therefore, jokes that come at the expense of someone’s trauma, perpetuate negative stereotypes, or actively encourage violent cultures are not even jokes.
Judaism can be a source of joy. Yidden, let’s face it: our culture is absurd. Why do so many of us laugh at that “Borrowing fire from the neighbors” card? Our view here is that Judaism is hilarious when you look for it, and our games are a tool for connecting with our heritage in a way that brings joy.

Stop kvetching and tells us what you really want to know!

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