Every year, amid cleaning, cooking, and unboxing the pesach dishes, my mother says: “We talk and talk about how important it is to tell the story of yitziat mitzrayim, but we never actually tell the story!”

So here it is. Hours of fun, yontiff-appropriate, family-friendly, and completely Kosher for Passover. Well, the Seder Cards are. The soon coming Chanuka version will be Chametzdech AF.

Chutzpah Cards was born in 2019 when Slightly Scandalous Seder Cards was shared in a Facebook Group and became an immediate success. With Seder Cards out in the world, there was soon demand for an adult-content version, and a bigger version for those who never wanted to stop playing.

What People Say

We had a great seder and spent most of today playing games. including quite a few hours playing The Seder Game. thanks Liora Sophie Halevi – the finger of god is now a catchphrase amongst my kids.

― Alit Shrensky Sedley

Can we show some major love to the lovely ladies who created the “Seder Game”? It was the hit of our seder. We played 3 times over chag and everyone loved it! Thank you Liora Sophie Halevi.

―― Marina Segal

We’re having such a blast playing this game! It’s been fun for both the kids and adults and great entertainment with all the company we’ve been having!

― CB Berkovits

Stop kvetching and tells us what you really want to know!

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