We had a great seder […] and spent most of today playing games. including quite a few hours playing The Seder Game. thanks Liora Sophie Halevi – the finger of god is now a catchphrase amongst my kids.

Alit Shrensky Sedley

First of all, This game was AMAZING. We played tonight after chag and we only stopped because we were a lot of people and ran out of cards (which still took a while). It was really so fun, I can’t even describe it to you. I’m waiting for the expansion packs! No pesach will ever… Continue reading Liba Hornstein

Liba Hornstein

No pesach will ever be complete without this game from now on.

Liba Hornstein

Can we show some major love to the lovely ladies who created the “Seder Game” (CAH for Pesach)? It was the hit of our seder. We played 3 times over chag and everyone loved it! Thank you Liora Sophie Halevi.

Marina Segal

We had a great time with the game.

Lynn Cohen Berman

This was fantastic, tysm!!!


This was AMAZING!! I would love to buy a hard copy (the printing and cutting was a pain, but I love that you released it for free and was more than happy to do the work).

Marina Segal

this is the best, you’re the best. So much FOMO!


“The Seder Game” just doesn’t capture the brilliance of this game.


This game is brilliant! It made our Seder fun for all ages. I can’t wait to play it again next year!!!

Sara Halevi

soo much fun!!loved the cards


We’re having such a blast playing this game! It’s been fun for both the kids and adults and great entertainment with all the company we’ve been having!

CB Berkovits

Great fun, how creative can you be?

Aviva Belfer

This game successfully manages to be fun and funny for all ages! It’s a great Pesach game–especially for families whose seders go late, late into the night! It’s just the right dose good-natured irreverence! (And, check out the fabulous people in the demo video!!😉😊)

Roni Loeb Richter

Our family played the prototype version last year, and had a blast. Our teen/tween sons played with their grandparents and it was a great bonding activity for them. I’m excited to see a new version has come out in time for this Pesach!

Shana Schochet Lowell

These are amazingly fun! There are many ways to use them. One year I put five under each persons plate. They could use a card to get out of reading from the Haggadah. You can also randomly hide them in each persons Haggadah and when they find one the asked the table to vote on… Continue reading Yudit Sidikman

Yudit Sidikman

These are great! We have a set so I speak from personal experience. [And Liora is always great , too, but that’s a subject for another post!] Make sure you get your set, you’ll enjoy them!

Daniel Pedersen

Stop kvetching and tells us what you really want to know!