Slightly Scandalous Seder Cards

What is “Slightly Scandalous Seder Cards”?

A hilarious, Passover-themed card game for the whole mishpochah. A fun way to tell the Passover story, a lovely gift for your seder hosts, and especially good for passing those long yontiff hours.

Wondering why you should buy this game? Here are a few excellent reasons:

  1. The game is hilarious
  2. A fun and engaging way to tell the story of yitziat mitzrayim
  3. Excellent educational tool for all things Passover
  4. Hours upon hours of fun
  5. How else are you going to stay up talking about the exodus until it’s time for the morning prayer?

How to play

Deal each player 7 answer cards, face down (matzah side up). One person is the judge in each round. The judge turns over a question card and reads the question aloud. The other players each select what they think is the best answer from their hand and give it face down to the judge (so the judge doesn’t know who played which card). Once the judge has received all the cards, they turn them over, read the answers aloud, and select a winner. Whoever played the winning answer gets the question card. The person sitting to the left of the judge becomes the judge for the next round. Whoever has the most question cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Try some combinations!

Coming soon: Expansions!

Even More Seder Cards


You couldn’t get enough last year! You asked for more cards, and G-d provided. This expansion for Slightly Scandalous Seder Cards includes 32 answer cards and 4 question cards, all in the same theme as the core game.

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