Why Is This Game Different From All Other Games?

One of the most frequently asked questions is –

Isn’t this just CAH for Passover?

Good question! No. We are not affiliated with CAH. Furthermore, the humor in this game is intentionally clean to make sure kids can play it too!

But then isn’t it just a ripoff of another game but cleaned up and with a different name?

In general, the rules of the a card or board game, aka – the systems or processes that make up the core of a game—generally referred to as the “game mechanics” will remain unprotected and open to the public use unless they are so unique that they qualify for a patent. For most games, this is not the case.

While the question and answer form is similar, this is a game structure that is used in many games.

Besides that, our games are fundamentally different. Chutzpah Cards are geared towards a wider audience, and the jokes are purposefully kept clean – not just of inappropriate content, but also clean of content that is not politically correct.